Fake Gin Debate

panel at Haymans Fake Gin discussion

In its 40th year, the Campaign for Real Gin (‘CRG’) is especially pleased to be able to participate in a major initiative advocating Real Gin. September 6th 2018 saw the ‘Call Time on Fake Gin’ debate hosted by Haymans at their beautiful new distillery in Balham. The CRG was represented by Jonathan Jeyes and Robert Gibson.

The origins of CRG go back to a time when gin was fighting its corner against a background of waning interest. Now, of course, issues facing the category are quite different – how to control this ‘runaway train’ and ensure that standards are adhered to, consumers are not deceived, and their interests protected, and that the gin category’s long-term future is not devalued or subverted.

Our write-up of the debate can be read here. In summary, it was decided that enforcement of existing regulation, with some work to clarify the position of certain product categories, and work to help educate consumers, retailers and even producers, should be taken forward.

We’re pleased to say that the Campaign enjoyed a quite unexpected ‘name check’: the Chair concluded the day’s debate by noting that there were a couple of members of The Campaign for Real Gin present, which gave the opportunity for a brief introduction to the Campaign’s history and purpose.

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