CRG Calypso

[Chorus] You want to know just how we win:
Some put it down to drinkin’ gin.
In part it’s dat we’re damn good chaps
From our pigeon toes to our baggy caps.

Here’s to de CRGCC
On our 18th anniversary:
In dose 18 glorious years
We’ve drunk plenty gins and plenty beers.

Here’s to our skipper, Noel Manns:
Seems one of nature’s also-rans;
But Noel has taken 40 wickets ’bout
And all of dem he just talked out.
Noel ain’t de Campaign’s quickest thinker
He took eight years to marry Nienke.

Here’s to Goodfellow SMD:
Of our success he is de key.
He pitch it up and bowl wid’ fire,
And rarely run into de umpire.

Bob Gibson is our Derek Pringle:
Don’t call him for a quickish single.
He don’t get past a stately trot,
But his face it sure gets mighty hot.

I like de cover drives of Krarup:
In de averages he is far up.
De same can’t be said of dear Charles Penney:
Ver’ nice chap but he don’t score many.

Quite a recent CRG late comer
Who was battin’ well last summer
Is dat six hitter, Old Dick Cawley:
One day he said eight times “So sorry”.

De latest recruit is called Nawaz:
He got late to de match because he pranged some cars.
He don’t eat meat, he don’t drink gin:
His bowlin’ action is his only sin.

De world knows Yanks for makin’ big bucks:
In CRG it’s makin’ big ducks.
So many scored by Eoin Slavin
He was almost out before he got in.

A feat unique in English cricket:
Yankee batsman let ball hit wicket.
We don’t play baseball, De La Mater:
You didn’t feed in correct data.

Once in Birr, County Offaly,
It had been rainin’ – awfully.
Olly Wise stepped on de ball:
Down it sank, mud covered all.
Ol dug it out and t’rew it in,
Anudder first for de men of gin.

So many fine chaps in CRG,
Drinkin’ gin instead of tea.
Wid all dose gins I have no fears
We’ll still be winning in 20 years.